Special Message and Election Night Update

To our volunteers and supporters – as of March 8, 2011:

Based on the vote count as of 10 p.m. tonight, Ballot Measure 34-186 has been approved by Tualatin voters in both Clackamas and Washington counties by a margin of 53% to 47%.

Total votes out of 12,000 possible:

4,380 at 10 p.m. (3/8)

2,309 voted YES

2,071 voted NO

238 difference! A few people made all the difference!

Last minute calls
Flyers on doors
Yard signs out
Flyer mailing
Web site updates & links
Facebook posts
all accomplished again in the last week!

There will be a volunteer and supporter Thank You Event on Saturday, March 12. Everyone that has helped with this grassroots, all-volunteer campaign is invited. For more information – send an email to protecttualatinparks@gmail.com.

What does Measure 34-186 do?

  • Measure 34-186 protects our parklands, home values, and neighborhoods.
  • Measure 34-186 mandates government transparency and full disclosure of projects that might harm or diminish city parklands.
  • Measure 34-186 ensures authentic citizen involvement.
  • Measure 34-186 which requires real citizen involvement, protects Tualatin parklands from major changes for non-park purposes, including aboveground non-park construction in city parks and the sale of city parklands.
  • Measure 34-186 does not affect routine park management or construction of park facilities.

To read the entire text of the charter amendment that passage of Measure 34-186 would add to Tualatin’s city charter, click highlighted “amendment”. The opposition, in an attempt to confuse voters, claims that Tualatin’s existing process is sufficient. We disagree. Measure 34-186 gives residents a true voice in the big decisions that affect parks. Measure 34-186 improves the current procedure, which may overstate the potential financial value of non-park projects and understate economic and social costs of park conversions and development. Tualatin residents, by voting “YES” to amend our charter will fix these practices and protect city parklands for future generations. Examples of major change for non-park purposes that WOULD require voter approval include:

  • Construction of traffic bridge over Tualatin Community Park.
  • Construction of Hall Boulevard extension through that same park.
  • Construction of sewage pumping stations on an existing athletic field.
  • Construction of Sagert Street expansion to a 5-lane road into existing Atfalati Park property.
  • Sale of parklands currently used for recreational or other park purposes.
  • Construction by Washington County of roads through existing parks.

Examples that WOULD NOT require voter approval include:

  • Maintenance, repair, and replacement of existing aboveground utility structures.
  • New/renewed franchise agreements governing existing city rights-of-way and easements.
  • Construction, remodel, expansion, or repair of structures for park users, e.g. restrooms, parks parking lots, recreational structures, J. Pohl Center, Heritage Center, or other community centers.
  • Construction on any existing rights-of-way on parkland or private property that is not a public park.
What Will Measure 34-186 Do?

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