February 11, 2013 City Council Hearing on the Tualatin TSP Update

Many of you may have already seen the Newsletter Update below reporting that both the advisory TPARK Committee and the Tualatin Planning Commission have voted to approve the TSP Plan draft.  If you haven’t heard about it, this was a very important step in confirming our position that citizens throughout the City of Tualatin do not want to destroy Tualatin Community Park by constructing either the Tualatin Road Extension (Bridge Over the Park) or the Hall Street Extension.  Both are regional roadway projects that do not benefit our community and have been withdrawn because of community feedback during this very long TSP update.

Tualatin ParksThis community feedback was from an extensive effort by many of you who wanted to protect Tualatin Community Park and your neighborhood.

However, we are not done.  The City continues to receive comments and suggestions to the TSP draft and has extended the comment period to February 11.

We can’t allow a late change from others add back those roads.

So – What do we need to do to make sure those roads stay out of the plan?

We must attend (as many of us as possible) the upcoming City Council Public Hearing on Monday, February 11, and testify in support of leaving those roads out of the updated TSP.

We need to remind the City Council that citizens throughout Tualatin do not want to see these roads in the plan.  Besides the destruction to the North Tualatin neighborhood, they hurt all residents.  These roads would divide this city much the way Dundee is divided by 99W with a major throughway between 99W and I-5 (Tualatin Road Extension) and between Wilsonville and Beaverton (Hall Street Extension).

Can we count on you to help?

Let us know if you can attend the meeting.  If you can’t, make an online comment at TualatinTSP.org.  Remind them Tualatin residents do not want to be Dundee with major roads going through our neighborhoods and to not give in to special interests to add back either road.  Regional roadways need to go around Tualatin’s neighborhoods and parks — not through them!

If you can attend, plan on speaking.  We will be restricted to no more than 3 minutes each.  There may be an attempt to limit our testimony.  We have to be prepared.

We have also heard that there may be “Tualatin Road Extension supporters” at the February 11 hearing.  They continue to call it a road over the parking lot.  The idea of saving a very few minutes commuting to I-5 is more important than the park or the neighborhoods.

Please help us reach the finish line.

All of us that have been involved in this process greatly appreciate your support and energy.  We are almost there.  Watch for more emails if we learn of any specifics

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